Past Meetings

Past Meetings

Since its foundation in 1978, the ISPP has established a tradition of scholarly exchange at its annual meetings. Each meeting brings together hundreds of participants for intensive workshops, panel discussions, invited addresses, and special events. Click on the conference themes to find out more about the respective conferences.

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Polarization, Misinformation, and Entrenched Group Conflict: Harnessing Political Psychology to Find Solutions to Problems
2020 Virtual

Empowering Citizens in Illiberal Times: The Political Psychology of Oppression and Resistance
2019 Lisbon, Portugal

Beyond Borders and Boundaries: Perspectives from Political Psychology
2018 San Antonio, USA

ISPP at 40: Revisiting Core Themes of Tyranny, Intergroup Relations and Leadership
2017 Edinburgh, Scotland

The Good Society: Prospects for Reason, Communication, and Well-being
2016 Warsaw, Poland

The Psychology of Encounter and the Politics of Engagement
2015 San Diego, USA

Ideologies and Ideological Conflict: The Political Psychology of Belief Systems
2014 Rome, Italy

Political Psychology of Global Conflict, Protest and Reconciliation
2013 Herzliya, Israel

Identity Politics and Politicized Identities: Political Psychology in Times of Contention
2012 Chicago, USA

Cooperation and Human Societies: Towards a Multidisciplinary Political Psychology
2011 Istanbul, Turkey

Making our World Anew: Political Psychology in an Age of Global Challenges
2010 San Francisco, USA

Overcoming Political Violence, Injustice, & Deprivation: Perspectives from Political Psychology
2009 Dublin, Ireland

Building Bridges: Political Psychology and Other Disciplines, Political Psychology and the World
2008 Paris, France

Political Psychology: Then, Now, and Hereafter
2007 Portland, USA

The Political Psychology of Liberation, the Political Psychology of Oppression
2006 Barcelona, Spain

Political Psychology: Facing the Real World
2005 Toronto, Canada

The Political Psychology of Hegemony and Resistance
2004 Lund, Sweden

Political Leadership in Divided Societies and a Dangerous World
2003 Boston, USA

Language of Politics, Language of Citizenship, Language of Culture
2002 Berlin, Germany

Cultures of Violence, Cultures of Peace
2001 Cuernavaca, Mexico

Hope and Fears in the Transition to the New Millennium
2000 Seattle, USA

Global Century/Local Century: Conflict, Communication, Civility
1999 Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Identities and Interest at the Close of the Century: The Contribution of Political Psychology
1998 Montreal, Canada

Political Psychology in the Post-Cold War World
1997 Krakow, Poland

Talking About Politics the Psychology of Political Communication
1996 Vancouver, Canada

Nation-Building and Democracy in Multicultural Societies
1995 Washington, D.C., USA

1994 Santiago de Compostela, Spain

1993 Cambridge, MA, USA
(Program Not Available)

Bringing Political Psychology to Public Policy
1992 San Francisco, USA

A World in Transition: Societies and Individuals Learning to Cope with Change
1991 Helsinki, Finland

Political Psychology: The State of the Art
1990 Washington, D.C., USA

Sources, Management, and Resolution of Protracted Conflict
1989 Tel Aviv, Israel

Values, Ideologies, and Beliefs: Political Cognition and Decisionmaking
1988 Secaucus, USA

1987 San Francisco, USA

1986 Amsterdam, The Netherlands

1985 Washington, D.C., USA

1984 Toronto, Canada
(Program Not Available)

1983 Oxford, United Kingdom

1982 Washington, D.C., USA
(Program Not Available)

1981 Mannheim, Germany

1980 Boston, USA

1979 Washington, DC, USA

1978 New York City, USA



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*DISCLAIMER: ISPP does not guarantee the validity or accuracy of data and statements presented during its Annual Meeting. Data and materials are prepared independently by those presenting their work and it is incumbent upon individual scholars to retract, update, and correct their content, or issue notices of such errors accordingly. ISPP disclaims any responsibility for any such errors.

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