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The ISPP Early Career Committee is the new name for the Junior Scholars Committee. The name was changed in July 2015 with the support from the ISPP Governing Council.

Encouraging words from ISPP President, Nick Valentino (April 2020).

Please click HERE for some words of encouragement from ISPP’s President regarding the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on early career scholars.

Let’s talk Political Psychology!

The ISPP Early Career Committee (ECC) gives voice and visibility to the needs and interests of graduate students, junior faculty and other early career scholars within ISPP. An Early Career Scholar is a graduate student or person within eight years of having earned their degree.

Throughout the year, we keep early career scholars updated with our activities through our social media accounts and biannual newsletter. We also provide opportunities for early career scholars to contribute to our monthly blog features.

During the annual meeting, we offer personal development opportunities (roundtables and elevator pitch workshop), networking opportunities (social hour), and mentorship opportunities (mentoring lunch). More information on the ECC’s activities can be found below.

Call for Applications for 2021-22 ECC

The ISPP Early Career Committee (ECC) is now accepting applications to the 2021-2022 ECC! To make our committee more representative of ISPP’s membership, we encourage applications from every continent and from across disciplines (e.g., political scientists, social/political psychologists). General evaluation of the candidates will be based on the clarity of their statement, experience in political psychology, fit with the ECC mission, and ability to devote due time to the ECC. We are keen to ensure that the ECC is representative of its members, therefore representation will be a consideration in the evaluation process as well. 

By working with members of the ISPP, organizing events at the annual meeting, supporting ECC activities throughout the year (e.g., Travel Award, newsletter), and facilitating communication across the discipline through social media, the ECC is an integral part of the ISPP community. This is an excellent opportunity to meet and work with other members of ISPP, provide input into the ECC, and enhance your curriculum vitae with international committee experience.

We encourage applicants who are graduate students or within 8 years post-graduate career.

Each member serves a two-year term, except Chair-Elect, which is a three-year commitment, and for this year only, one Web Coordinator (see below). Each year we aim to fill one of the two positions for each subcommittee so that first-year ECC members are paired with second-year ECC members with experience in that position (although this is not always possible). You may apply for more than one position (see below). All Committee members are encouraged – but not required – to attend ISPP’s annual meeting.

Applications due by May 7, 2021

To apply online, visit THIS PAGE (Note: you must also e-mail your curriculum vita). Only complete applications will be considered. Feel free to email us with any questions.  A selection committee comprised of ECC members and Governing Council members will review the applications. The 2021-2022 ECC will be announced by the end of May with the new term beginning at the end of the annual meeting in July.


Chair-Elect (1): Working under the current chair, this position is responsible for learning the ins and outs of the ECC, in preparation for taking the lead the following year. Duties as chair include writing reports to the Governing Council, overseeing the ECC budget, and representing the interests of Early Career Scholars in ISPP. This position includes three years of service to ECC; as Chair-Elect (2021-22), Chair (2022-23), and the final year of service is in the capacity of Ex-Officio Chair (2023-2024). Desirable qualifications for this position are: a) previous leadership/management experiences, and b) previous engagement within ISPP.

Mentoring Luncheon Coordinator (1): Arranges the mentoring luncheon organized at the annual meeting. This position includes two years of service (2021-23). The selected applicant will be working with a second-year ECC member who has experience coordinating the Luncheon for the 2021 Annual Meeting.

Newsletter Editor (1): Solicits articles and announcements for the Early Career Scholars newsletter that is published twice a year. This position includes two years of service (2021-23). The selected applicant will be working with a second-year ECC member who has experience coordinating the Newsletter in the previous term.

Web Resources Coordinator (2): Manages all web-related ECC files and responsible for updating the ECC Blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Medium accounts. Note that one Web Resource Coordinator will serve a one year term (2021-2022) while the other coordinator will serve two years (2021-2023). Please indicate your willingness to do one of these terms in the application form.

ISPP’s Elevator Pitch

Introducing your research concisely and compellingly

Ask yourself, “What is my research about?” If you cannot answer this in less than a minute in a clear and concise way, you need an elevator pitch!

What is an elevator pitch?

An elevator pitch is a clear, concise, and compelling description of your research which could be understood by anyone and takes no longer to say than an elevator ride. An elevator pitch can be shared informally and orally in various professional contexts.

Why an elevator pitch?

You only have one opportunity to make a first impression, and it needs to be a good one! Having a well-planned elevator pitch can take the stress out of networking and prevent you from being tongue-tied when someone asks you about your research. A good elevator pitch will make you feel more confident and encourage others to have more confidence in you. Being able to present your research in a short amount of time is an excellent skill for scholars on the job market.

ISPP’s elevator pitch workshop

At the ISPP annual conference we often hold an elevator pitch event in which early career political psychologists learn how to present their research in conversation, in a brief, interesting and memorable way. At this event, you will work with senior scholar mentors to learn how to develop an effective elevator pitch. After the training, you will be given the opportunity to present your own elevator pitch and get invaluable feedback from the mentors.

The ISPP Early Career Committee (ECC) hosts several websites to support the efforts of graduate students and early career scholars in ISPP. These pages provide information regarding resources, current events and ways to get involved in ISPP activities. Links to these pages can be found below. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to e-mail the ECC. For more information on the ECC purpose and its members, please scroll to the bottom of this page.


The Early Career Committee manages a blog in order to share information and ideas related to political psychology. We encourage you to use this website to learn about upcoming events and network with other scholars.

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ISPP Social Media

The Early Career Committee manages the ISPP’s Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages to keep ISPP members informed of news and events related to ISPP and political psychology.

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ISPP Early Career Scholars Newsletters

The Early Career Committee disperses an e-newsletter several times each year that contains information regarding award applications, committee nominations, early career scholar events at the annual meetings and much more.

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