Roberta Sigel Best Conference Paper by Early Career Member Award

Roberta Sigel Best Conference Paper by Early Career Member Award

The Sigel Award is given to early career scholar authors of the best papers (or papers accepted as posters) presented at annual scientific meetings. Nominees must be current ISPP members.

ISPP first announced this award at its Vancouver meeting in 1996. Professor Sigel, whom the award honors, has been a distinguished professor of political science at Rutgers University since 1973. She is author and editor of seven books and many articles and book chapters, mostly in the areas of political socialization and democratic citizenship. She has had many leadership roles in the American Political Science Association and has served as program chair, Vice-President and President of ISPP.

All ISPP Early Career Scholars who are current dues paid members of ISPP and had their paper (or poster) accepted for the most recent July meeting/conference are eligible to be considered for the award to be presented during the next year’s meeting. Early Career Scholars are all students (graduate or undergraduate) and faculty who received their Ph.D. within the last eight years.

There are two prizes with slightly different criteria to accommodate the authorship and publication practices in the various disciplines represented in ISPP:

The first award will be given to the best paper (or poster) written by Early Career Scholars only. In the case of multiple authors, all co-authors must be Early Career Scholars. The second award will be conferred to the best paper (or poster) with an Early Career Scholar first author. This award allows, but does not require, non-Early Career Scholar co-authors.

Only papers (or posters) by current (dues paid for this year) ISPP members are eligible for consideration.

How to Nominate:

Nominees must be current ISPP members and Early Career Scholars. Early Career Scholars are all students (graduate or undergraduate) and faculty who received their Ph.D. within the last eight years. All nominations must include the following: The early career scholar’s paper (or poster) accepted for the most recent July meeting/conference, and a CV of the nominee. To complete a nomination, simply send these materials to the Committee Chair by the deadline.

The award recipient will be strongly encouraged to attend the Annual Meeting and Awards Reception.

2021 Award Committee:

Yphtach Lelkes (Chair)
University of Pennsylvania, USA
Other Committee Members:
Bram Spruyt (Vrije Universiteit Brussel)
Marshalaey Baquiano (University of the Philippines Visayas)
Katherine Starzyk (University Of Manitoba)
Giovanna Leone (Sapienza University)
THE NOMINATION PROCESS FOR 2021 is NOW CLOSED. Please send submissions to the Chair. The deadline for nominations was 15 January 2021.

Winners will be notified by early March 2021.

First awarded in 1998.

Current Winner

Roberta Sigel Best Conference Paper by Early Career Member Award 1
Eunji Kim, Vanderbilt University

We recommend Eunji Kim's “Entertaining Beliefs in Economic Mobility” for a handful of reasons:

  • a substantively interesting and important question: why doesn't rising inequality correspond to greater public concern about inequality?
  • a well-developed theory that applies both to the particular puzzle of the paper and could clearly be applicable in other contexts
  • an impressive and careful multi-method approach, including three national surveys and multiple experiments (both online as well as a lab-in-the-field)
  • and, more generally, the paper pushes political science to engage more deeply with the implicit political content of popular media and to broaden beyond studies of media that focus almost exclusively on effects of news

Past Winners

  • 2019 Carly N. Wayne; Arnold Ho
  • 2018 Cecilia Hyunjung Mo and Katharine Conn; Aharon Levy
  • 2017 Nour Kteily & Emile Bruneau; Sandra Penic
  • 2016 Rebecca Schiel & Gary Smith; Rezarta Bilali
  • 2015 Yphtach Lelkes & Sean J. Westwood; Jojanneke van der Toorn with Matthew Feinberg, John Jost, Aaron Kay, Tom Tyler, Robb Willer, and Caroline Wilmuth
  • 2014 Cecil Meeusen; Smadar Cohen-Chen with Richard J. Crisp and Eran Halperin
  • 2013 Michael Bang Petersen & Lasse Laustsen
  • 2012 Rune Slothuus; Scott Clifford, Jennifer Jerit, and Jason Barabas
  • 2011 Melinda Jackson; Erin Hennes with John Jost and Irina Feygina
  • 2010 Thomas Craemer, Pete Hatemi and Rose McDermott
  • 2009 Jason Barabas and Jennifer Jerit (abstract); Margarita Krochik (abstract)
  • 2008 Eric Dickson (paper abstract); Elizabeth Suhay
  • 2007 Christopher Federico
  • 2006 Daphna Canetti-Nisim; Rajiv Jhangiani and Peter Suedfeld
  • 2005 Romain Lachat
  • 2004 James N. Druckman, Kjersten R. Nelson
  • 2003 Celeste Lay
  • 2002 Not Awarded
  • 2001 David Redlawsk
  • 2000 James Druckman, Michael Allen, Sik Hung Ng
  • 1999 Not Awarded
  • 1998 Kristin Hall Maher, David Redlawsk

Abstracts of award winners:

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