ISPP Teacher’s Corner

ISPP Teacher’s Corner

We have put together a Teacher’s Corner to share ISPP members’ syllabi for courses in political psychology or sub-areas in political psychology (e.g., International Relations, Social Inequality, Public Opinion, Conflict and Violence, Intergroup Relations, Political Behavior, Prejudice, Leadership, etc.). We currently have more than 30 course syllabi online. Access to these syllabi is included in your ISPP membership.

Here is an overview of the syllabi currently available in the Teacher’s Corner.

To access ISPP’s Teacher’s Corner:

  1. Log in to the ISPP Member Portal
  2. Click on any of the buttons in the menu at the left
  3. Click on “Teacher’s Corner” in the menu across the top
  4. We hope these syllabi examples are useful and inspiring for early career scholars who are setting up their first courses, as well as for more experienced teachers to get ideas of new topics or exercises.

    Please share your own syllabi by sending them to

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