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News & Publications

ISPPNews welcomes submissions focused on teaching and methods, as well as short essays or opinion pieces on current issues or debates in the discipline. We also publish book announcements, member kudos, and other professional news on a bi-annual basis. Announcements of upcoming meetings, workshops and events should be sent to the Central Office for distribution.

  • ISPPNews June 2021

    ISPPNews June 2021

    Please read our June 2021 issue HERE.

  • ISPPNews April 2021

    ISPPNews April 2021

    Please read our April 2021 issue HERE.

  • ISPPNews March 2021

    ISPPNews March 2021

    Please read our March 2021 issue HERE.

  • ISPPNews January 2021

    ISPPNews January 2021

    Please read our January 2021 issue HERE.

  • ISPPNews January 2021

    Executive Director’s Corner January 2021

    The personal point of view [on the Capitol insurrection] by our Executive Director has been removed to avoid misperception that this was an official ISPP statement.

    Planning for our 2021 Annual Meeting, which will again be all virtual, continues. Our Program Chairs, Allison Harell and Carla Houkamau, are working on putting together a unique program, and incorporating feedback from last year to include some different presentation formats. There will also be more opportunities for interaction during sessions and socially. Sessions will be held during normal waking hours in three geographic regions, increasing the convenience of participating and attending for most people around the globe. This year also has an “attendee only” registration rate for those who are not presenting, to encourage those who may not be able to be reimbursed to join us. Spread the word! Registration will open in February, so watch for an announcement and updates on our web site when it becomes available.

    Related, our 2021 ISPP Academy (formerly the ISPP Summer Academy) will also again be held virtually. The application process is now open, with a deadline of 15 February 2021. See THIS PAGE for more details and the link to the application.

    Looking ahead to 2022, we have locked-in the Grand Hyatt Athens in Greece for our meeting. Everyone’s fingers are crossed that we will safely be able to gather in person again by then, and enjoy each other’s company in the ancient (yet modern!) city of Athens! Our ISPP President for that conference will be Tereza Capelos, who hails from Athens, and so she will be hosting ISPP in her hometown. We hope that you will plan to join us.

    Keep watch on the Future Meetings web page as destinations for 2023 and 2024 will be posted in the coming months.

    The ISPP Governing Council (GC) met this month and approved the slate compiled by the Nominating Committee for the next members to join ISPP’s leadership. Information about the candidates will be posted on the ISPP web site in the next month or so, and we will send out an announcement accordingly. Many thanks to the members of the Nominating Committee for all of their efforts:

    Nick Valentino, Past-President, Chair
    Leonie Huddy, Councilor
    Eric Groenendyk (GC Member)
    Laura Taylor (GC Member)
    Yasemin Acar (GC Member)
    Maja Kutlaca (GC Member)
    Ying-yi Hong (GC Member)
    Kim Fridkin (Non-GC Member)
    Roseli Fischmann (Non-GC Member)
    Mariska Kappmeier (Non-GC Member)

    As the world continues to deal with the pandemic and renewed lockdowns and surges in cases and overwhelmed healthcare systems, let’s all do our part to take care of ourselves and the ones we care about – physically, mentally, and emotionally.

    Wishing you all the best and hoping you’re all well and safe – and stay that way.

    Sev Bennett, CMP, PMP
    Executive Director, ISPP

    Save the dates! ISPP’s upcoming meetings

    Our 2021 Annual Meeting will be held online 11-13 July 2021.

    Our 2022 Annual Meeting is planned to be held in Athens, Greece.

    If you are interested in hosting a future conference of ISPP, please contact the Central Office to obtain the necessary guidelines and materials.

    Call for the Twinning Program

    Call for the Twinning Program in English [see below for the call in Arabic, French, Spanish and Turkish]

    We are happy to announce that we are still accepting applications for our New Twinning Program among Scholars under Threat (ISPP members who lost their academic positions or their income in direct connection with political persecution and/or to members who have been displaced as a result of political persecution). The New Twinning Program has been set up with the aim of facilitating scholarly collaborations between threatened political psychologists and program partners. These collaborations can offer the opportunity for threatened scholars to continue their academic activities, maintain and advance their careers, and integrate into international political psychology; furthermore, partners can engage in political advocacy on behalf of threatened scholar. We are grateful to the 24 scholars who have already expressed their interest to work together with a scholar under threat as partners. We would kindly like to ask our members to reach out to those scholars within their networks around the world who may benefit from participating.

    You can find more information about the Twinning Program here. 

    Click here to apply as a Partner.

    Click here to apply as a Threatened Scholar.

    Call for the Twinning Program in Arabic

    Call for the Twinning Program in French

    Call for the Twinning Program in Spanish

    Call for the Twinning Program in Turkish

    ISPP’s Scholars under Threat Fund

    ISPP is committed to the protection of its members whose academic freedom is at risk anywhere in the world due to the political context where they work and/or live. Therefore, we offer emergency funds to members who lost their academic positions or their income in direct connection with political persecution and/or to members who have been displaced as a result of political persecution and are without an official affiliation or income in their current location. You can help by donating to the ISPP Scholars under Threat fund through this link

    ISPP has recently supported 17 scholars from Turkey. Therefore, at the moment we cannot accept applications for emergency funds. We are currently collecting donations in order to be able to reopen the emergency fund. 

    Introduction of Scholars Under Threat committee and call for members

    The Scholars Under Threat committee of ISPP was initially set up to support academics in Turkey in 2016. At that time the committee offered political advocacy, sent international observers to the trials of academics and raised money to offer direct monetary support for academics. However, ISPP is committed to the protection of its members whose academic freedom is at risk anywhere in the world due to the political context where they work and/or live. The Scholars Under Threat committee work on realizing this goal by engaging in the following activities: 
    –    Writing open letters to government representatives whenever our members experience the violation of their academic freedom
    –    Fund raising and setting up an emergency fund to offer direct financial help for ISPP members under threat who lost their livelihood because of political persecution
    –    Seeking alliance, collaboration and exchange of information with organizations which support scholars at risk, such as the Scholars at Risk Network and IIE Scholar Rescue Fund Alliance.
    –    Running a Twinning Program to facilitate scholarly collaborations on an individual basis for scholars under threat and thereby ensuring their academic advancement despite adversarial conditions
    –    Advocating ways of helping scholars under threat among ISPP members at the Annual Meeting by holding round table discussions
    –    Offering additional membership benefits, such as waivers for scholars under threat

    We call on ISPP members to join the Scholars Under Threat committee, if you are concerned with the issues of academic freedom or you have new ideas for the committee. 

    See our Scholars under Threat webpage for an overview of our initiatives and information on how YOU can help.

    ISPP Academy (formerly Summer Academy) 

    The applications for the ISPP Academy (formerly Summer Academy) are now open and we’ll accept applications until February 15th. The information about the Academy and the application link is available on our webpage: 

    Call for jobs & fellowships

    PhD Research Fellow – Right-Wing Violence and Terrorism, University of Oslo

    Center for Research on Extremism (C-REX) at the University of Oslo seeks to recruit one excellent PhD candidate in the Social Sciences or related disciplines (e.g., Criminology, Psychology or Media and Communication) doing high quality research on right-wing violence and terrorism. The successful applicants will work full time as a PhD candidate. The appointment is for a fixed, non-tenured term of 3 years. The appointee will have no teaching requirements. The main purpose of the fellowship is to qualify researchers for work in higher academic positions within their disciplines.

    Application deadline: March 1st, 2021 | More information 

    Psychology Doctoral Research Scholarship (Exploring the antecedents of, barriers to and outcomes of allyship in conflict contexts), University of Sussex

    Psychology Doctoral Research Scholarship – A stipend of £15,285 p.a. for 3 years (rising in line with UKRI studentship rates). Home PhD fees and research and training costs are also covered.

    In this PhD programme, the candidate will draw on contemporary social psychological work on allyship, solidarity, collective action, as well as conflict studies to explore the antecedents of, barriers to, and outcomes of allyship in conflict contexts. In designing their research programme, candidates may use qualitative, quantitative, or mixed-methods approaches. 

    For informal discussion and to request further details about the project, please email Dr. Özden Melis Uluğ

    Application deadline: March 4th, 2021 | More information 

    Open Position in Social Psychology, Boğaziçi University

    Boğaziçi University Department of Psychology invites applications for assistant and associate professorship positions. Applications from English-speaking foreign (nonTurkish) faculty are encouraged. Applicants with a specialization in Social Psychology will be considered. Proficiency in advanced statistical methods, mathematical psychology, and related areas, and desire to teach statistics, research methods, and experimental psychology courses with lab sections is a strong asset. Candidates will be evaluated on the basis of academic excellence as well as the match between the applicant’s areas of expertise and our department’s immediate needs. | More information 

    Post-Doctoral Associate under Division of Science (Social Psychology), New York University Abu Dhabi 

    Dr. Andrea Vial is inviting applications for a fully-funded 2-year Post-Doctoral Associate position at New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) in the area of social psychology to start no later than September 2021.

    The Post-Doctoral Associate will work on projects focused on the psychology of gender segregation, including topics such as gender stereotyping, bias, and prejudice; self-stereotyping and identity threat; and gender identification and in-group bias. More information about Dr. Vial’s research is available at In addition to supporting the research of the principal investigator, the post-doctoral associate will be encouraged to develop independent research projects on related topics.

    Application deadline: March15th, 2020 | More information

    Post Doctoral Researcher (The role of solidarity during the COVID19 pandemic), University of Limerick

    Applications are invited for the following position:
    Faculty of Education & Health Sciences
    Department of Psychology
    Post Doctoral Researcher the role of solidarity during the COVID19 pandemic – Specific Purpose Contract
    Salary Scale: €38,632 – €50,029 p.a. pro rata

    Informal enquiries regarding the post may be directed to:
    Prof Orla Muldoon / Email:

    Application deadline: February 1st, 2021 | More information

    Scholarship for PhD study in Political Science, Trinity College Dublin

    The Department of Political Science invites applications for four-year fully funded PhD studentships at Trinity College Dublin.

    Application for financial support is automatically considered as part of the normal admissions process. The Department typically provides financial support in the form of tuition grants, stipends (currently €15,500 per year), teaching and research assistantships, and support for postgraduate conference and research travel.Application deadline: April 1st, 2021 | More information

    Call for submissions

    Call for data: Meta-analysis of the effects of intergroup contact through digital applications on intergroup bias

    We, Mauro Bianchi, Leonor Pereira da Costa & Kinga Bierwiaczonek, are conducting a meta-analysis of the effects of intergroup contact through digital applications on intergroup bias. We are interested in published data, unpublished data, dissertations, conference presentations, and data that are currently under review/in press.
    To meet our inclusion criteria the study needs to include:

    1. Quantitative measures of intergroup bias, regardless the type of measure (e.g., prejudice, attitudes, stereotypes, affect, social distance, feeling thermometer, etc.).
    2. The use of digital applications (e.g., VR, WebGL, Mobile, Social Networks, Videogames) that imply direct, indirect (e.g., through outgroup avatars) or other intergroup contact with stigmatized or minority outgroups (e.g., based on ethnicity, socioeconomic status, LGBTQ+, physical disabilities, etc.).
    3. A statistic expressing change in intergroup bias resulting from the digital application experience (e.g., pre-test vs. post-test, experimental vs. control group, etc.), preferably Cohen’s d or other standardized mean effect size. We would appreciate if you could send us this information. Alternatively, you could make the data available to us so that we can extract the information by ourselves.

    If you have any (un)published work that might be relevant, we would very much appreciate if you could send it to Leonor Pereira da Costa.

    Stony Brook University Political Science MA Concentration in Political Psychology

    The Political Science MA program at Stony Brook University provides a rigorous introduction to political psychology in a one-year program. Small courses taught by our full-time faculty focus on the psychology of public opinion, attitude change, persuasion, mobilization, and political behavior. The MA program exposes students to theories and research studies that help to make sense of political attitudes and behavior, familiarizes them with core research on the dynamics of attitudes, opinions, and political mobilization, and provides them with first-hand experience with the major research methods used to study public opinion and behavior. The M.A. program is designed to benefit students with diverse interests and career goals. It will help to prepare students who wish to enter a PhD program in political science, communications, or social psychology. Many of our MA students have been admitted to top ranked PhD programs. The program will also benefit students interested in the fields of political campaigns, public relations, media, polling, or those who work for federal or local legislators or not-for–profit organizations. An internship opportunity gives students the chance to get experience working for a not-for-profit organization or a relevant business as preparation for the job market. 

    More information about the MA program can be found on our website

    Our members are invited to submit short descriptions of their political psychology programs to ISPP. Please E-mail us.

    Visit the ISPP website:

    Looking for literature? Job openings? E-mail us

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    ISPPNews December 2020

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    ISPPNews November 2020

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