Jeanne Knutson Outstanding Service to ISPP Award

Jeanne Knutson Outstanding Service to ISPP Award

The Jeanne Knutson Award is given to a member of ISPP for long-standing service to the society.

How to Nominate:

All nominations must include the following: A short paragraph explaining why she/he deserves the award and a CV of the nominee. To complete a nomination, simply send these materials to the Committee Chair by the deadline.

The award recipient will be strongly encouraged to attend the Annual Meeting and Awards Reception.

2021 Award Committee:

John Sullivan (Chair)
University of Minnesota, USA

Other Committee Members:
Rita Guerra (ISCTE-IUL)
Eva Walther (Trier University)
Fatih Uenal (University of Cambridge)
Christopher Federico (University of Minnesota)
Lia Figgou (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)
Michal Shamir (Tel Aviv University)
Patrizia Castellani (Catholic University Of Milan)

THE NOMINATION PROCESS FOR 2021 is NOW CLOSED. Please send submissions to the Chair. The deadline for nominations was 15 January 2021.

Winners will be notified by early March 2021.

First awarded in 1987.

Current Winner

Jeanne Knutson Outstanding Service to ISPP Award
Catarina Kinnvall, Lund University

Dr. Catarina Kinnvall is a highly active and influential ISPP member since 1996 with an outstanding track-record of ISPP service. She has served on the Governing Council of the society and as Vice President, and on a number of committees over the years. In 2004, she was program chair of the ISPP annual meeting hosted in her hometown, Lund. Catarina was Editor-in-Chief of Political Psychology until January 2020, and under her five-year editorship the journal made significant progress in raising its international profile and impact factor, while promoting the discipline of political psychology across the globe. She has participated in mentoring early career scholars on how to successfully navigate the world of research dissemination. Catarina has also promoted political psychology outside the society, notably by co-editing the Palgrave Studies in Political Psychology series. We can only conclude that Catarina Kinnvall is a unique example of female leadership! She was the unanimous choice of the selection committee for the 2020 Knutson Award.

Past Winners

  • 2019 Felicia Pratto
  • 2018 Bert Klandermans
  • 2017 Kristen Monroe
  • 2016 Leonie Huddy and Stanley Feldman
  • 2015 Tereza Capelos
  • 2014 Not Awarded
  • 2013 Janusz Reykowski
  • 2012 Doris Graber
  • 2011 Bruce Dayton
  • 2010 David Winter
  • 2009 Helen Haste
  • 2008 Aaron Belkin
  • 2007 Don Sylvan
  • 2006 Not Awarded
  • 2005 Martha Crenshaw
  • 2004 Jerrold Post
  • 2003 Heather Gillespie
  • 2002 Junior Scholars Committee
  • 2001 Sam McFarland
  • 2000 Alan Whittaker
  • 1998 Noel Markham
  • 1997 Stanley Renshon
  • 1996 George Marcus
  • 1995 Denis Snook
  • 1994 Not Awarded
  • 1993 Not Awarded
  • 1992 Not Awarded
  • 1991 Rosalind Lorwin
  • 1990 Margaret Hermann
  • 1989 Alfred Freedman
  • 1988 Henry Alker
  • 1987 James C. Davies

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